Noleggio area esterna per organizzare il tuo compleanno, la tua festa di laurea, una serata con gli amici, i tuoi eventi più importanti 


    Eventi sportivi privati, organizzati da associazioni o direttamente dalla struttura con possibilità di accesso tramite prenotazione


    SPA privata disponibile per gli ospiti della struttura con possibilità di noleggio privato per feste con amici o per aperitivi romantici di coppia


    PORTICATO esterno per organizzare buffet, attrezzato con tavoli e sedie 

    What to do

    nearby Adria BnB

    A few kilometers from the B&B it is possible to carry out many outdoor activities thanks to tens of kilometers of cycle paths and multiple waterways.
    • Bikes

      Network of cycle paths that connect to each other, often along the banks of the branches of the Po or in the middle of valleys and lagoons, in an area that does not present altitude difficulties and which can be travelled around all year round.
    • Kayaking

      Live an unforgettable day in a canoe on the Po Delta: unspoiled nature awaits you as you paddle along the river and live a unique experience in the open air
    • Fishing

      The Po Delta Park is a natural area with waters particularly suitable for this activity, thanks to the perfect combination of salt, fresh and brackish waters, which make the park rich in a great variety of fish species.
    • Sea

      Discover kilometers of beaches (both equipped and free). The long coastline is characterized by fine sand and is a favourite destination for families. The beaches are wide and the seabed drops slowly.
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    What to do in the surroundings

    Sporting and non-sporting activities in the Po Delta Park are remarkable and all linked to forms of slow tourism. By bike, by boat, by canoe or on foot, you can go on excursions and get to know the protected areas of the Park better.

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